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Need a tune-up?   Get your Yamaha marine motors serviced by Dunfords:  Outboard, inboard-outboard and inboard motors as well as Waverunner personal watercraft engines.

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We'll be developing this inboard marine motors section shortly, as well the the inboard-outboard motors section below.  Please check back soon.

Outboard Engines

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View the selection of Yamaha outboard engines for sale at Dunfords of Havelock, a Yamaha Marine Engine Dealer.

Why choose Yamaha Marine Motors?

Yamaha Outboards has proudly operated in the North American market for nearly 30 years.  In that time, their engineers have become known for their relentless pursuit of a more satisfying boating and ownership experience for customers.  As a result, Yamaha Outboards have become synonymous with innovation, performance and legendary reliability.  With this history, they set new standards for speed, power, weight, and fuel efficiency.

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